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Welcome to the Chapoquoit Yacht Club! For more than a century, CYC has served sailors and yachtspeople, with a special focus on sailing education for kids.

We're located on West Falmouth Harbor, on the east side of Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts. This gives us access to smooth waters in the harbor and the reliable breezes of the Bay. For sailors, it's quite a playground!

The club’s mission of safe recreational and competitive sailing for the members remains our driving goal.On this site you'll find information about our programs, events and membership. We hope that you will find it both fun and informative. Please note that certain sections of the site are available only to members.

We wish you smooth sailing!

The Chapoquoit Yacht Club Council

The harbor prepares for a long winter's nap

The last golden days of autumn appear to be behind us. We've had several hard freezes; most of the leaves, other than scrub oaks, are down.

A handful of boats remain on their moorings, but pretty much the only movement on the water these days owes to commercial traffic in the Bay and small craft piloted by the scallopers and clammers who diligently pull those briney jewels from the bottom.

Those of us lucky enough to live in the area year-round can appreciate certain aspects of the late autumn (among them, being able to make a left-hand turn more or less at will). There's a stark beauty here in the winter, and the chilly bite of the wind invigorates us, even as we dream of the warm breezes to follow in about six months. Happy holidays to all!

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West Falmouth, Massachusetts
West Falmouth, Massachusetts