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Island, Club and Barn Rules

Island Rules

Chapoquoit Associates own all of the common property on Chapoquoit Island for the benefit of the 36 householders and their guests. The Chapoquoit Yacht Club (CYC) and its members are in every sense guests of the Associates with respect to the Club's use of Little Beach and The Barn. Accordingly, all CYC members and staff should observe the following rules at all times to ensure that the CYC and its members remain welcome guests.

Driving and Parking:

  • Please keep speeds at or below the posted 10 MPH limit as soon as you pass through the gates and until you leave the island.This speed limit will be strictly enforced. First violation will result in suspension of access to the Island for a period of two weeks; second violation will result in suspension of access for the remainder of the season.
  • Please help minimize traffic on the Island by car-pooling and limiting trips.
  • Please leave your car parked on the Island only when involved in scheduled CYC activities.
  • Membership access tags for vehicles shall be provided by the Chapoquoit Associates and distributed by the Council.

Safety First:

  • In using boats - and particularly powerboats - in the vicinity of Little Beach, please be certain to operate in a safe manner and not endanger anyone who is in the water or on the beach.

Use of Common Property:

  • Please limit your use of property on the Island (Little Beach and the Barn) to Yacht Club activities.

Jogging, Biking, Walking:

  • These activities are not permitted unless directly related to a Yacht Club activity. The guards have been instructed to turn away all folks who do not abide by this rule.



Boats and Equipment:

  • Because both the Barn and Little Beach get crowded, please keep your boats and equipment in a manner that is both orderly and respectful.


If you have any questions, please ask the Sailing Program Director or any member of the Yacht Club Council. The Associates recognize that the Yacht Club members are welcome guests and that the best way to foster good relationships is to avoid misunderstandings.

Club Rules

Members may, with permission, from the Club, use certain CYC boats. This includes rowboats, Beetle Cats, 420s, a Typhoon and two Club-owned Optis.

Some of these boats are reserved for participants in sailing programs, as follows:
  • The Optis may be rented for use in Opti I and II classes for maximum 2 weeks per family. Note: An Opti is a singlehanded boat and is built to accommodate no more than one sailor unless, for instructional purposes, it is deemed necessary to have an instructor aboard at the same time.
  • Priority of use for the 420s is given to junior sailors enrolled in 420 II and 420 Racing classes. If there are competing requests, the Racer will be given priority.  Note: A 420 is a double-handed boat and should not have more than 2 individuals in the boat ---a skipper and his/her crew.
  • Opti and 420 sailors, in accordance with CYC junior sailing program safety requirements, must wear life jackets whenever aboard an Opti or 420 (regardless of who owns the boat).
  • Use of Club-owned Optis or 420s outside of program hours is permitted provided that approval is provided to the skipper by the Program Director. In the event of the Program Director's absence, one of the Race Coaches may grant permission.
  • Non-members and/or junior sailors not currently enrolled in a program are not permitted to sail Club-owned Optis or 420s unless approved by Officers of the Club, the Program Director, or his/her designee.
  • Use of Club-owned Beetles, for recreation or racing, is limited to Members in good standing and requires permission from either the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Race Committee Chair or Program Director.
All persons using Club-owned boats are expected to return the vessel to the same location in which it was found, as it was found (example: 420s and Beetles shall have their protective covers re-installed) and in the same condition. Any damage or broken parts resulting from use must be reported immediately. Repair or replacement becomes the user's financial responsibility. Boats trailered off-island for races must be returned to their proper locations in time for the next day's classes.

Barn Rules

The Barn is owned by the Chapoquoit Associates, and access to Club members who are not Associates is offered only under specific conditions. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Club meetings and functions
  • Sailing program lessons on inclement days

All Club members are required to abide by the following rules:

  • NO HEAT LAMPS OR SPACE HEATERS without permission from the Board of Trustees.

Boats stored in the Barn should have:

  • No powerboats of any size are permitted
  • Bilges pumped dry
  • Proper identification tags, with name and contact information for the owner
  • All valuables removed prior to storage.
  • No boats or trailers may be stored - even temporarily - outside the Barn without express permission from the Associates..

Wintertime Boat Storage is provided on a space-available basis at the pleasure of the Chapoquoit Associates. Members of the Chapoquoit Associates have priority over space. Current wintertime storage is charged at a rate of $10 per foot of overall length. Summer storage shall be charged at a rate of $20 per foot of overall length.

The Barn will be locked during the off-season (mid-November to early April) and may be locked overnights during the season. To access the Barn when it's locked, please contact a member of the Council.