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Special Notes related to 2020 Covid-19 Operations:

For 2020, the 420s must be sailed by members of the same family, household or social bubble. 420 sailors will be responsible for rigging their own boats. Program Staff members will position boats on the beach prior to students rigging.

Depending on who signs up for the 420 classes, the instruction may vary from standard 420 techniques and tactics, to match racing, to just learning how to go fast and have fun. 420 Sessions will be held simultaneously with the new Single-Handed instructional program. Individual sessions may be withdrawn if there are insufficient crews signed up; refunds will be offered if this occurs.

The class descriptions below have not been updated to reflect the changes to the 2020 program. There will be no travel regattas in 2020 or other inter-club events. Our hope is that we can return to what is described below in 2021.

420 sessions are presented midweek afternoons (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. All levels of 420 training occur simultaneously; the coaching staff will assign students to the appropriate level of instruction.

Please note: the following information is for group sailing lessons during normal operations. Private instruction may be available by special arrangement. Please contact the Program Director to learn more.

Previous sailing knowledge, including points of sail and understanding of race courses and starting sequences, is required for 420 class participation. Some skills during 420 classes will be practiced within the context of a race course.

420 I

The 420 is one of the world's most popular performance sailing dinghies. This class introduces experienced young sailors to this dynamic and exciting boat.

Students learn how to rig and take care care of the boats. The 420 is a two-handed boat, with specific skipper and crew responsibilities, so students will learn about both positions.

They also learn to work with headsails (jib, and possibly spinnaker), and seamanship skills including capsize recovery, mastery of points of sail, and roll tacks and jibes.

Students may use either their own boats or Club boats.

420 II

This class refines the skills learned in 420 I, and introduces new skills aimed at preparing students for inter-club racing at SMSA (Southern Massachusetts Sailing Association) races and regattas.

The class focuses on optimizing sail trim, roll tacks and jibes, and understanding the impact of sail trim and weight distribution on speed and steering. Students are also introduced to trapeze work and spinnaker management. We also emphasize rules, strategies and  tactics involved in fleet racing and develop the concepts of racing as a team.

Students may use either their own boats or Club boats.


420 Racing

This one is all about success on the race course: mastery of the trapeze and flying a spinnaker, and a focus on skills development at specific positions (skipper and crew).

Students will learn to sail their 420s without a rudder, in order to learn how sail trim and weight distribution can actually control the boat. Emphasis is given to tuning the rig each day to optimize for conditions, and there's further development of team and fleet racing theory. The focus is on SMSA regattas and racing. CYC staff will coordinate participation and coach during these events.

Students may use either their own boats or Club boats.

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